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Commercial Insurance in Georgia

Commercial insurance covers a broad variety of policies designed for businesses and contractors. This is an incredibly versatile type of insurance that may vary greatly across industries in Georgia. Every new business should know its insurance requirements and what the standards are for its industry. Here are a few important points to keep in mind.

Commercial Insurance Focuses on Liability

Commercial insurance may come in many forms, but it tends to cover liability for the business owner. That refers to liability based on the work a business might do, the products they may sell, customers who may be injured on their property, and so on. While that liability can change based on the type of company, it still focuses on covering the business in case of lawsuits and similar problems.

Other types of commercial insurance can also help protect business property in case of theft or fire. This insurance can be very important for businesses that have a lot of inventory or an important storefront to protect.

Some Types of Commercial Insurance are Required

In Georgia, some commercial insurance is required. Workers Compensations insurance, for example, is required for every business that employees three or more people: This helps protect against liability for on-the-job accidents and similar events, as well as covering related medical costs.

Commercial auto insurance is also required for all business-owned vehicles in the state. It’s also a good idea to include coverage for personal vehicles that are used for business purposes, even though this is not specifically required.

Commercial Insurance Can Be an Important Marketing Tool

Remember, many customers will look for insurance as a sign of a professional, experienced company that knows its industry standards. Be prepared to provide proof of insurance if necessary and use it to establish your credentials!

Do you have more questions, or do you need to put an insurance package together specifically for your business? 1st Choice Insurance Group LLC can help!

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