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Auto Insurance in Georgia

With many different cars on the road, all the motorists need a protection plan. Here at 1st Choice Insurance Group, LLC., we understand that drivers all have specific needs when it comes to insurance. With our friendly agency by your side, we can help craft an affordable policy that has your best interest in mind. If you're looking for an auto insurance policy in Georgia you've come to the right place.

Why Do I Need Auto Insurance?

An auto insurance policy is required at some level in every state, but for nearly every policy, you'll need liability coverage as well. With the right protection, you won't face a financial crisis in the event of an accident, theft, or covering medical costs. Our goal is to give car owners in the area the ability to drive with confidence out on the road.

Car Insurance Coverages

Just like any other kind of insurance coverage, an auto policy gives you choices. We will take the time to explain each one when you need coverage. Here are some of the major options for any car insurance policy.

  • Collision- covers damage caused to your car as the result of an accident

  • Comprehensive- this part of the policy would pay from losses suffered from vandalism, fire, or flooding

  • Liability- if you're at fault for an accident, this would cover the other party's medical and property damages

  • Uninsured Motorists- this would pay for losses that another motorist caused to you who doesn't have enough coverage

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance- if you've had a breakdown, your car won't start, or you need towing, this part of the policy covers that.

Choose 1st Choice Insurance Group LLC. For An Auto Insurance Policy in Georgia. We pledge to provide you with the best service possible when you need assistance with your insurance needs. If you're searching for a helpful and friendly team of experts in your area, give us a call today for all your car insurance needs.

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